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United Hearts Children Center is located in Bawjiase, Ghana. It is currently home to 25 children, who are excited to move into their NEW home in the next few months. We are continuing fundraising to complete the project and have just started to fundraise for the United Hearts Community School. Check them out in my links!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

  • Sitting down to breakfast every morning and watching as Vlad opens the sugar, smells the fermenting odor, and then puts a spoonful in his tea.
  • Seeing small children with stuffed animals and dolls wrapped on their backs.
  • Having sister Akua tell me waye ade (pronounced why-a-deeay, meaning well done) when she is drying the children after I have bathed them. Meeting her standards of cleanliness used to be near impossible for me.
  • Taking a tro-tro and having it stop less than five times and not breakdown before getting to my destination.
  • The days when Agogo wears his Agogo jersey.
  • Knowing that the large covered bowl in front of me is ground nut (basically peanuts) soup with a rice ball and chicken.
  • Being able to respond in Twi when someone asks me what I am doing.
  • Walking more than one minute before someone calls me oburoni.
  • Buying a cold water.
  • Sitting in the house talking about anything and everything with the other volunteers.
  • Getting chicken and not egg with lunch and dinner.
  • When all seven of the small children (Kwashie, Kofi, Ernestina, Kevin, Joe, Agogo, and Kweku) are in good moods at the same time.
  • Every time the power goes back on.
  • Drinking a cold Coke on a hot day.
  • Realizing I have worn in a piece of fabric so that it is finally soft.
  • Hearing the children at the school by our house cheer, Monday - Friday, when the bell rings signaling the end of the day.
  • Buying spicy plantains from Theresa or rice and stew from Zinabu.
  • Having a child draw a picture of me.
  • Picking up a new dress from Ismailah or Vivian.
  • Anytime a kid laughs uncontrollably.
  • Being called obibini after the older girls braid my hair.
  • Getting a smiling picture of a child who doesn't often smile.
  • Telling men who want to take me out that I prefer going to the beach and actually having them agree to it.
  • Any moment when I am not craving a food I can't get in Bawjiase.
  • Rain.
  • Regular bowel movements.
  • Eating pancakes (Ghana style) instead of egg sandwiches for breakfast.
  • Days in which being called out to and yelled at doesn't irritate me.
  • The rare moments when I am wearing a clean shirt.
  • Every time I stop and realize where I am and what I am doing.


  1. great list! it seems that you could extend your stay once again!

  2. Hi - you don't know me - I found your blog by way of Lauren's blog. Lauren's family has joined our church (Covenant Presbyterian in Johnson City, TN), and her brother, Wes, did a sermonette about his sister's work in Ghana, and did a great job of it by the way. Anyway, I'm fascinated with reading about yours and Lauren's experiences. My niece did a junior year abroad in South Africa a couple of years ago, and followed her blog then too. I'm glad to hear about your work - I'll send some band-aids or coloring books or something like that with Lauren's parents when they come for a visist soon.

  3. I am currently knee deep in a course learning how to teach people to speak English as a second Language. This list just reminded me why I am torturing myself! Thanks Becca!