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Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I missed during my teenage years

They come in by two's and three's until there are at least 10 of them. I am on the porch writing in my journal about whatever I write in my journal about, barely noticed by each person who comes in, seeing as their chanting is distracting them from most of their surroundings other than our front door.

They're praying.

Or, at least that's what I think you call it. They are walking around, chanting, singing, silent, following Pastor's lead. I hear Lauren ask if she should be in the room, and they must tell her it doesn't matter because by the time I enter to collect my belongings to go to town, she is in her room, door shut. I knock on her door to ask if she thinks I can walk through our main room, where the praying is taking place, and out the front door. After a moment's thought, we both decide I better go out the side door, and Lauren locks it behind me. I successfully put my shoes on without anyone seeing and step off the porch just in time to bump into Pastor Elisha rounding the corner.

I never was cool enough/bad enough to need/want/try to sneak out of my parents' house, and now at 23 I know what it feels like, at least to get caught.

Becca, where are you going?
Uhhh. I'm going to town?
Oh. Okay.
Is that okay? Should I not go to town?
No, it's okay.
I can stay if you want.
If you can stay, then you should stay until prayer is over.

Pastor, my bag, and I walk back in the house, through the front door, and I proceed to Lauren's room.

I was caught. Pastor was outside.
What was he doing outside?
I don't know.

I return to my room and wait until I hear "Vlad! Lauren! Becca! Prayer is finished." We each emerge from our rooms, "God Bless You's" are exchanged, and I follow the group out, assuring Pastor that I won't stay out late.

Apparently the group will be returning tonight and tomorrow, and seeing as it is currently 5:30 and I still have not fled town, I will once again be in my room listening to whatever it is that is going on.


  1. is there any reason we are doing prayer sessions at the house? seems weird...

  2. At least they're not making you fast! ;)