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United Hearts Children Center is located in Bawjiase, Ghana. It is currently home to 25 children, who are excited to move into their NEW home in the next few months. We are continuing fundraising to complete the project and have just started to fundraise for the United Hearts Community School. Check them out in my links!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm Alive!

Sorry for the extended leave from posting, things have been a bit chaotic in the past few weeks, including the chaos that was my parents FANTASTIC trip! Due to some unfortunate medical issues, my parents, my uncle The Doctor, and I, decided it was in my best interest to return home. I am currently waiting to get the opinion of another doctor because mine was relatively useless, followed by a physical therapy appointment, before finding out if I should get an MRI on my back/leg, for whatever nerve issue is going on. So, no worries, it shouldn't be anything too serious!

Annnnyway, I hopefully will continue to blog for at least a few more weeks, both to catch up on all the things I had wanted to write about and didn't, as well as offer some updates on my reentry into the country.

For now I am just going to offer this update, but coming soon will be the exciting abridged version of my trip home.

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  1. BECCA! what happened! OMG! I anxiously await the details! :(